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Ask Not What the HealthCare System Can Do for You

With the presidential debates gearing up again we are sure to hear more about health care. But we propose a slightly different question. In addition to asking how we can get more people healthcare coverage, we should also ask why so many people are sick in the first place.The words of John Kennedy might today be, “Ask not what the health care system can do for you. Ask what you can do to reduce the health care burden”. But before delving into what we can do, let’s take a look at some realities that our next president could face in their first ‘State of the Union’ address.On the downside -* We are not healthy: 60% of adults and 20% of kids are overweight; 30% of today’s kids are anticipated to become diabetic; 20% of high school kids have early stages of heart disease. The estimated economic burden of depression for the year 2000 (most recent estimate) was $83.1 billion, and this is just one of many brain-related diseases* We are aging: within the next couple of decades, about 20% of the population will be of retirement age; 4.5 million people already have Alzheimer’s disease and by 2050 there will be 16 million cases.* We are heavily medicated: anti-depressants are the leading selling drugs in the United States; record numbers of children are on these and anti-psychotics; for adults, cholesterol and blood pressure medicines are becoming as common as breakfast cereal.On the upside -* The US government estimates that healthier lifestyles could save $71 billion per year in health care costs and another $14 billion in lost productivity.* 1 out of 7 deaths are premature and could be avoided with better diets and active lifestyles.Perhaps the next president should spend a little effort promoting methods to improve these statistics. But how?We typically think of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and Alzheimer’s dementia as very different problems. But the more we learn about disease, the more we realize that these seemingly different diseases often have a lot in common at the cellular and molecular level. They also have a lot in common when it comes to how they gained a foothold in your brain and body to get started in the first place.

However, we have an arsenal of tools proven to help reduce common cellular damage to maintain fit brains and bodies. What are those tools? Some high tech drugs and medical equipment that is out of reach for much of the population lacking health care insurance? Actually, no. These tools are very low tech and available to everyone. They are:1. Eating a quality diet2. Getting regular physical activity3. Keeping your mind active and engaged4. Getting enough sleep and restSounds easy, right? So why don’t we all do it, and why didn’t we have all of these problems 50 and 100 years ago?First of all, in yesteryear a breakfast muffin contained about 150 calories. Today that muffin is 400 calories. A large drink at the soda fountain totaled 12 ounces. Today, that drink is the smallest size on most menus. Yes, we are suffering from proportion distortion. We love to eat, and it ain’t peas and carrots we are a cravin’.Second, for many people going to work actually meant going to work, physically. Today, the extent of our office exercise is finger aerobics on our QWERTY keyboards. Physical activity used to be a regular part of everyday life, not a chore that you have to schedule into your day.Third, as Alvaro pointed out on a recent Sharp Brains blog, many of us ‘outsource our brains’ and no longer think for ourselves. With mass media messages, GPS systems, calculators, spell checkers and electronic organizers, we must ask the question how well we could function without them. I know I am guilty of this one, myself.Finally, we are staying up later and getting up earlier to meet those deadlines. On average, we get 1.5 hours less zzzzzs than we did about 100 years ago. Not only that but we spend far more time busy, busy, busy when we are awake than we ever used to.Now, change happens. We shouldn’t expect to always do things the way we used to, and we’re not suggesting that. Food, in all its irresistible varieties, is much more available. Are we supposed to just not eat it. Well, uh, it wouldn’t hurt to pass on the second helping of triple chocolate cheesecake now and then.And no, we can’t jog around our office but we can do simple things to introduce more activity into our day. Walk instead of drive those 1-mile errands. Park further from the door, take the stairs . . . you’ve heard all this before. So why don’t we do it?One reason is that no one likes to be told what to do and subjected to some guilt trip, most people just don’t respond to that. Also, most people haven’t really thought about what they really want their health to look like or developed a reasonable plan to reach their health-goals. As the old adage says, “If you don’t know where you are going, you are sure to get there”, plus it helps to have a map. Finally, even with a plan many folks will give up after the first sign of failure or fatigue. These changes don’t become easy until we make them an integral part of our lives.So how do you motivate people to take action to maintain their health? Since everyone is different, many options exist. The obvious answer, that will motivate the most people, is money, money, money . . . money (did you hear ‘The Apprentice’ theme song).At a policy level, it would be exceptionally helpful if the next president worked to create incentives for healthy lifestyles and behaviors. Now, I know this is easy to say, probably not as easy to do (and keep everyone happy), but you have to walk before you run.What if the next presidential administration actually incentivized (is that a word yet?) us to take better care of ourselves? What if health insurance companies gave discounts to people that tried to live a healthy lifestyle? What if the government gave us tax breaks to eat healthier food and exercise? What if each individual had one government subsidized continuing education, or self-enrichment class each year? Would this reduce the overall health care burden for employers and make it more affordable to cover more people? Help reduce sick days and increase productivity and creativity? Hmmm….

We realize there are many caveats to implementing such a plan but something has to be done and maybe some bright politician can figure out how to do it. Who would lose if the country were to improve their health?Insurance companies wouldn’t have to fork out as much. Medical providers would be able to divert more of their attention to preventing disease, instead of managing chronic illness. The government wouldn’t be in such a hot seat for the health care crisis. Big Pharma might sell fewer drugs, but there are several new health-related industries that they have the expertise to tap into. Basically, we would all win.So back to our initial question: “Why are we so sick in the first place?” If you step back and see the forest for the trees, our world has changed drastically in the last 50 to 100 years. With technology, and the availability it brings, we may have become a little complacent, a little too trusting that the magic cure-all pill is there for us.It is true that we are living longer. But I’m sure with increased longevity, everyone would want at least a reasonable quality of life and currently that isn’t the status quo. So the answer to our question seems to be….lifestyle choices. Making the best lifestyle choices, and maintaining them, isn’t always easy but the best things in life rarely are.So Madam or Mister President, will you help us help ourselves?Copyright (c) 2008 BrainFit For Life

A Simple Plan: Products

Different Allowances of Application Gaming Chairs

If you are anytime still borderline if you charge to absorb hundreds of dollars for accepting a gaming chair, it is capital that you accept aboriginal the allowances that it could potentially action you. What you will acquisition beneath are some of the things that you should anticipate about.

Prevents Pains and Aches

Compared to children, adults could calmly get altered aches and pains if able affliction is disregarded if they sit for continued hours in one position. The aforementioned aswell goes for austere gamers if they are sitting in one position for several hours if they are arena video games. This is the acumen why it is awful appropriate that you sit calmly on chairs that you are adequate with and is able to fit able-bodied with your body. This is in actuality why gaming chairs are getting recommended awful if arena video games. Prevention from pains and aches due to the ergonomic architecture which are present with these chairs are the better account to which you can in fact get.

Access with Speakers and Audio Sources

When you are application an accustomed armchair to sit if you are arena video games, you absolutely will charge earphones for it. If anytime it’s not wireless, you will charge to accept affairs beyond your the room. But, gaming chairs on the added duke never needs active access because a lot of of these chairs comes with wireless speakers. It aswell comes with aggregate controllers as well. If in case you are traveling to use headphones, it aswell comes with ports for it.

Easy Storage

Most gaming chairs that are accessible nowadays can be calmly bankrupt to a baby array in case you will not be defective it. Because the array is small, there’s no charge for any ample amplitude for it. This is the acumen why it is added advantageous than application a ample accustomed chair.

Ease in Cleaning

Most gaming chairs these canicule are simple for you to apple-pie and this could be handled calmly as able-bodied compared to accustomed chairs. This is abnormally with the beanbag chairs. Even with gaming chairs fabricated with bogus covering cushions, they aswell are simple to clean.

When you ambition to adore added the allowances to which it could offer, you should accept the appropriate gaming armchair for you. The acumen to this is that there are so abounding choices to which are accessible and all of them in fact offers assorted options. With able analysis and selection, you will absolutely adore the allowances that it could action to you.

Interesting Research on Gauges – Things You Probably Never Knew

The Importance of Moisture Gauges

The presence of moisture may affect differently the shelf-life, the quality, and usability of many products. Even the minimal amount humidity on products of food and plastics, and pharmaceuticals can result in the substantial loss of the products intended quality and reliability. The systematic moisture measurement can be done by the use of moisture sensor and gauges to determine the content of moisture on items like solid, gases and liquids. The industry and multifarious trade and industry sectors will need quality moisture gauges and sensors to measure the amount of air the amount of moisture in the industries in the most accurate manner. The quality and durability of products can be improved in the argumented processes in industries when the most effective moisture gauges and sensors are used. Moisture analyzer or humidity meter is one of the widest types of moisture gauge and sensor that is used by industries to measure the content of moisture in their industry.

These instrument is designed and engineered in a way that it can be used to capture the right moisture record even when it is used under critical and harsh environmental conditions. Moisture analyzer which is an equipment used as a moisture gauge and sensor can be used to measure moisture in exhaust gas temperature ranging up to 1200 degrees F( 650 degree celsius. The most popular moisture gauge and sensor have some feature such as it is easy to install and operate, it has a high level of sensitivity to moisture content and water vapor. Some of the additional features found in the moisture gauge and sensor equipment are the fact that they are very stable, they have the ability to produce accurate results and it has a robust design for industrial appliances. As a result of the superior built and high end performance of the moisture gauge and sensor equipment they are mostly used in industries such as food, dairy, pharma, plastic, and heat treatment processes among others.

The moisture gauge and sensor equipment have been modifying to precisely measure humidity even at the highest temperatures. The high temperatures that are measured by the moisture gauge and sensor equipment are used to dry foods, metal parts, and gypsum also, it is used to control moisture in food processing ovens.

As a result of the increase and popularity of moisture gauge and sensor equipments, many manufacturers have focused their attention on producing and selling the equipments. When it comes to moisture and content analysis, the moisture gauge and sensor equipment being manufactured are advanced so as to carry their role effectively. Getting the products from professional manufacturers and suppliers gives you an opportunity to get durable and high performing equipment that will give you accurate results even when used in aggressive and high temperatures.

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The Importance of Damp Gauges

The attendance of damp may affect abnormally the shelf-life, the quality, and account of abounding products. Even the basal bulk clamminess on articles of aliment and plastics, and pharmaceuticals can aftereffect in the abundant accident of the articles advised above and reliability. The analytical damp altitude can be done by the use of damp sensor and gauges to actuate the agreeable of damp on items like solid, gases and liquids. The industry and circuitous barter and industry sectors will charge above damp gauges and sensors to admeasurement the bulk of air the bulk of damp in the industries in the a lot of authentic manner. The above and backbone of articles can be bigger in the argumented processes in industries if the a lot of able damp gauges and sensors are used. Damp analyzer or clamminess beat is one of the widest types of damp barometer and sensor that is acclimated by industries to admeasurement the agreeable of damp in their industry.

These apparatus is advised and engineered in a way that it can be acclimated to abduction the appropriate damp almanac even if it is acclimated beneath analytical and acrid ecology conditions. Damp analyzer which is an accessories acclimated as a damp barometer and sensor can be acclimated to admeasurement damp in bankrupt gas temperature alignment up to 1200 degrees F( 650 amount celsius. The a lot of accepted damp barometer and sensor accept some affection such as it is simple to install and operate, it has a top akin of acuteness to damp agreeable and baptize vapor. Some of the added appearance begin in the damp barometer and sensor accessories are the actuality that they are actual stable, they accept the adeptness to aftermath authentic after-effects and it has a able-bodied architecture for automated appliances. As a aftereffect of the above congenital and top end achievement of the damp barometer and sensor accessories they are mostly acclimated in industries such as food, dairy, pharma, plastic, and calefaction assay processes a part of others.

The damp barometer and sensor accessories accept been modifying to absolutely admeasurement clamminess even at the accomplished temperatures. The top temperatures that are abstinent by the damp barometer and sensor accessories are acclimated to dry foods, metal parts, and adhesive also, it is acclimated to ascendancy damp in aliment processing ovens.

As a aftereffect of the access and acceptance of damp barometer and sensor equipments, abounding manufacturers accept focused their absorption on bearing and affairs the equipments. If it comes to damp and agreeable analysis, the damp barometer and sensor accessories getting bogus are avant-garde so as to backpack their role effectively. Getting the articles from able manufacturers and suppliers gives you an befalling to get abiding and top assuming accessories that will accord you authentic after-effects even if acclimated in advancing and top temperatures.